1-Solution thumbThe world’s best cleaning product!

1-Solution is simply amazing – a new way to not only clean and deodorize your home – but to also care for the environment, animals and people.

1-Solution is unique to MyCrobz and has been brewed using a secret blend of organic sugars.  The end result is just as powerful as our Farm & Field (or any EM products) but is much lighter in colour and scent – making it “much more useful around the house”.

Although 1-Solution is ready to use and can be added full strength to things like a washing machine, mop bucket, dog bath, or diaper pail – it is most handy when applied using a spray bottle.

Simply fill a spray bottle with 10% 1-Solution and 90% non-chlorinated water and you are ready for just about anything.

  • Eliminate any natural odour anywhere
  • Clean almost any surface
  • Remove stains from carpet and upholstery
  • Get rid of dandruff
  • Remove makeup
  • Even brush your teeth!
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1 litre and 4 litre bottles available

1 litre of 1-Solution

Order your 1-Solution today – it can be real handy
to have the world’s most versatile liquid around.

4 litres of 1-Solution

Our 4 litre size is great for large households,
schools and commercial cleaners.