Bokashi Home Kits

Home Kit thumbRecycle all your food waste

MyCrobz Bokashi Home Kits are the best way to recycle – all your food waste – including fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, cooked foods, paper, and even bones.  They come with complete instructions, our Quick Guide – and contain everything you need to Bokashi at home, office, or school.

Bokashi waste recycling (technically referred to as Acidic Anearobic Fermentation) differs from traditional composting in that:

  • The fermentation takes place indoors in an air tight container
  • The entire process only takes about 30 days
  • There is no heat or greenhouse gases created
  • The steps are simple and not labour intensive
  • All the nutrients in the waste are preserved
  • No foul odours or messes to deal with
  • The process does not attract rodents, pests, or bears
Once fermented, the waste will quickly decompose in your garden or compost pile into a nutrient rich pro-biotic amendment – or you can some to make your own amazing Bokashi Tea and you will never have to buy fertilizer again.
MyCrobz Bokashi Home Kit includes:
  • 2 x 5 Gallon Life Latch buckets
  • 2 x Easy to use, air-tight Life Latch lids
  • 8 litres of Bokashi Starter (~2 kg)
  • 4 litres Absorbent
  • Laminated Quick Guide
  • Complete instructions
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