Bokashi Starter

Bokashi Starter thumbOur Bokashi Starter is Bran-tastic!

Bokashi is a Japanese term that roughly translates to “fermented waste” and is used to describe a type of  food waste recycling  that uses beneficial micro-organisms (our MyCrobz) to quickly ferment and break down any type of food waste.  Bokashi Food Waste Recycling can be done at home, in schools, at the office, in restaurants or at a special event – basically any where with food waste.

Our Bokashi Starter is wheat bran which has been fermented by our MyCrobz and then dried.  It is most commonly used with the Bokashi Buckets in our Home Kits (or any airtight plastic container) where it is sprinkled over layers of food waste.  It quickly ferments the waste – preparing it for a speedy decomposition into a nutrient rich soil amendment.

Bokashi Starter can also be used to deodorize litter boxes and bedding, improve the health of septic systems, as a potting soil additive, as a probiotic feed supplement for  livestock, and for bio-remediation.  Check out our Solution Guides for specific details on where and how to use our Bokashi Starter to conquer some hard to solve problems.

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MyCrobz Bokashi Starter comes in both 4 litre and 20 litre bags.

4 litres Bokashi Starter

4 litres of Starter weighs approx 1.25kg (3lbs)
and will ferment 3 or 4 Bokashi Buckets
of food waste.

20 litres of Bokashi Starter

Buy in bulk! You will save money
and have extra Starter to use on
dozens of other problems around your home.