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MyCrobz are likely new to you so maybe you have a few questions.  We have answered some of the more common ones below so just open up and scroll through the various topics.  If you don’t find the answer you are looking for – please post your question in the comment section at the bottom of the page and we will try to answer it directly.

General Questions

Why aren’t your products available everywhere?  Simply because MyCrobz is a small business with a new type of product and we have to start with baby steps.  We are, however, looking for retailers in BC and Alberta – and entrepreneurs that would like to set up a business brewing MyCrobz in other provinces – so if you know of any please get in touch. 

Will your MyCrobz have a negative impact on the “wild” beneficial microbes that naturally live in my garden?  Absolutely not, they are from the same families of organisms and can coexist beautifully.  Our MyCrobz naturally originate in tropical soils and water – so will only survive for a limited time in temperate climates – but their dead bodies will give a nutritional boost to the hardier local microbes that will thrive and multiply.

Bokashi Questions

How long does a bag of Starter last?  A regular sized bag of our Bokashi Starter is 4 litres (about 1.25 kg or 3lbs) and will allow you to ferment 3-4 5 gallon buckets of food waste if you follow the instructions.  However you may find yourself –  using some to deodorize the litter box or hamster cage, putting some down the toilet to give your septic a boost, adding some to your potting soil, or even feeding it to your chickens or horse – so remember you can buy in bulk or easily make your own.

 We are a family of 4 and would like to start recycling our food waste with Bokashi – should we get the 2 or 3 bucket version of your Home Kit?  Generally a 2 bucket set up is great for homes with 1-3 people, so I would recommend ordering the 3 bucket version for your family.

Questions about our Liquid Solutions

What is the difference between MyCrobz Mother Culture and the “Effective Microorganisms” in EM1?  Nothing, they contain the same types of microbes and can be used in the exact same ways.  Originally EM1 contained more species of microbes but that has changed and today they are virtually the same.

 Can I make my own 1-Solution?  Unfortunately not – 1-Solution is unique to MyCrobz and for now is a secret recipe.  It was developed over a few years of extensive testing with the difficult part being – trying to find a combination of organic sugars that were effective as nutrient rich molasses but not as dark or odourous.