Farm & Field

Farm & Field thumbThe work horse of our products

MyCrobz Farm & Field is an extension of our Mother Culture and has been brewed with organic molasses.  It is ready to use and is usually diluted with non-chlorinated water.  It is also the microbial solution you get when you choose to grow your own MyCrobz.

Farm & Field is a great choice for odor elimination, green construction, waste recycling  and organic growers of any kind.  You can use it to:

  • Recycle manure and crop residues
  • Create a fertilizer factory in your soil
  • Clean animals, stalls, and equipment
  • Eliminate any natural odour
  • Give a pro-biotic boost to livestock and plants
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1 litre Farm & Field

4 litre Farm & Field
Farm & Field is a great choice for odor elimination, green construction, waste recycling and organic growers of any kind.