Grow your MyCrobz

grow mycrobz thumbOur MyCrobz Mother Culture  is a type of culture (think sourdough) that can be grown simply by adding molasses and water.  You can quickly turn 1 litre of Mother Culture into 20 litres of your own probiotic solution similar to our Farm & Field product.  This brings your cost for the concentrate down to just a few dollars per litre!

Once you have cultured your own MyCrobz you can use them in a multitude of ways – you can also use them to make your own Bokashi Starter.

It is even possible to extend your first 20 litres into 400 litre as long as you follow our recipe carefully.

We recommend that you do not extend any further than this.  Our MyCrobz are a combination of different types of bacteria and yeast that grow at different rates and the proper balance of MyCrobz will not be maintained and the product will likely be ineffective.

To grow your own MyCrobz with our Mother Culture all you need is:
  • A plastic bottle or container that can be sealed
  • Molasses
  • Water (non-chlorinated is best)
  • A way to test the PH of the finished product (recommended but not necessary)
  • And a warm spot

Complete Instructions Here