Handle Our MyCrobz

handle with care thumbThe MyCrobz in our products are alive and dormant. If stored properly the liquid concentrates will last at least a year and the Bokashi Starter even longer.  However, prolonged exposure to sunlight, heat, air or water will wake them up – and if no food source is available they will soon die.  This will render the product ineffective and may cause it to smell rotten.

So please:
  • Store our products out of direct sunlight
  • Keep concentrates below 20°C  – on a cement floor in the basement or even in the fridge      (Bokashi Bran is a more stable and can be stored in the kitchen)
  • Squeeze any excess air out of the bottle or bag before closing
  • Transfer small amounts of liquids into smaller containers to avoid exposure to air
  • Do not use with anti-bacterial products
  • Use with non-chlorinated water if possible
  • Check out our Solution Guides for complete details