Dilute with Water

dilute thumbSince the MyCrobz in our liquid solutions are super concentrated (and dormant); they are seldom used without first being diluted with non-chlorinated water. To get the chlorine out of water just fill a container and leave it on the counter overnight. If you must use chlorinated water, the MyCrobz will survive but they will spend time breaking down the chlorine and may be less effective.  Better not to risk it.

Other than fresh water, you will need some type of spray bottle to apply the MyCrobz as this is the easiest way to use them for deodorizing and cleaning.

For a 10% solution – which is recommended for most situations – simply measure out an amount of MyCrobz (Farm & Field or 1-Solution) equal to about 10% of the volume of the container you will be using.  For example, for a 500ml container use 50mls – or for a 24oz container use 2 ½ oz.

Pour in the MyCrobz and fill the container up with room temperature water – that’s it – you are ready to go – bring on the mess!  A 10% solution will last about a week in the kitchen or bathroom if kept out of direct sunlight. A dilution of 5% or less should be used that day.

After prolonged use, your spray bottles may build up a microbial film.  It is not very attractive, but it is harmless and easy to remove.  Simply wet and scrub with a bottle brush.

Specific dilution rates are given in our Solution Guides.