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About our little wonders

The picture to the left is what our MyCrobz look like under a microscope.  Well, except for the colours.

From the left we have Lactic Acid Bacteria then Photosynthetic Bacteria – which multiply by splitting in two every 20 minutes or so if conditions are right.

On the right is Yeast with their little hat like “buds” that erupt to release countless spores that seed the next generation.

What do they do?

Basically our MyCrobz quickly ferment or break down any type of organic matter.  Organic matter is the waste products or remains of any form of life. 

This makes our MyCrobz the ultimate “opportunivores” as they will eat just about anything. Whether that is food waste, animal waste, excess nutrients in a waterway, smoke, or even VOCs (the toxic fumes given off by paint or new materials) – our MyCrobz are definitely not picky eaters.

And because there are so many of them (literally billions in a spoonful) our beneficial MyCrobz overwhelm and out-compete any harmful bacteria or pathogens that may be present. This ensures that these “bad bugs” cannot feed or multiply and that the environment remains healthy.

So how does that help?

That is the amazing part – since so many daily headaches and environmental problems are simply due to an abundance of organic matter and the lack of effective green solutions to handle it – MyCrobz can be used as a safe and effective solution to solve hundreds of problems around the house, in the yard, on the farm, in the barn, at work, or even while you travel.

Of course there are the obvious waste problems that MyCrobz can address like food scraps, animal waste, sewage and waste water; but what about the less obvious waste problems that life creates like: a smelly pet, cigarette smoke, dandruff, grime, and the gases given off by new materials? Well – our MyCrobz will work on those – and 100’s more.

Check out our So Versatile page and Solution Guides to find out more.

Things to consider.

MyCrobz are powerful little creatures – but they do have limitations – and occasionally something may go wrong or happen that you may not suspect. So please note:

  • Our MyCrobz are alive and dormant – so please keep them cool and out of the sun.
  • Liquid solutions may produce co2, white crystals, or sediment – all are Ok.
  • MyCrobz may break down natural dyes or natural finishes on wood – test first.
  • After repeated use, spray bottles or water dishes may form a harmless microbial film.
  • MyCrobz work slowly in the cold but they will survive freezing.
  • Dense, thick or large pieces of waste take a long time to process.
  • If a liquid solution smells rotten (not fermented or sour) it has gone off and must be dumped.
  • Our liquid solutions are usually diluted with non-chlorinated water before being used.
  • They can’t consume plastics (even compostables), synthetic smells, or synthetic dyes.