Make Bokashi Tea

Bokashi Tea thumbBokashi Tea is a type of compost tea made with fermented food waste and does not refer Bokashi Juice which is the liquid runoff produced during the Bokashi process.

At MyCrobz we recommend against collecting Bokashi Juice by means of a tap or a nesting bucket set up – as it can turn into a stinky mess that can ruin your Bokashi experience.  It is much easier to Bokashi in a regular bucket. Simply add some absorbent to the bottom to catch the Juice and dump it along with your fermented waste.

If you require a liquid fertilizer; simply use some of your fermented waste to make as much Bokashi Tea as you need. Here’s how:

Making Bokashi Tea is easy and only takes a day.  Here is a list of everything you will need:

  • a 20 litre bucket with no lid (an empty Bokashi Bucket works great)
  • an aquarium air pump or something similar
  • about 1 1/2 metres of tubing and an air stone or two
  • a mesh bag or pantyhose that can hold 4 litres of waste
  • about 4 litres of fermented waste
  • about 12 litres of water

Once you have that assembled…

  1. Locate a warm spot with power that you can leave the bucket to bubble away
  2. Connect the air pump and tubing and secure the air stone to the bottom of the bucket
  3. Add the water to the bucket
  4. Fill the bag or pantyhose with the fermented waste
  5. Submerge the waste in the bucket
  6. Turn on the pump and let it bubble for 24 hours

Your Bokashi Tea is ready after the 24 hours and should be applied within a few days.

Bokashi Tea can be applied full strength but is often diluted with water to make it go further.