So Versatile

so many uses thumbThe number of specific uses for our MyCrobz are almost limitless – so here are a few ideas to get you started.  Check out our Products to find out which are best for you and see our Solution Guides for specific instructions.

Recycle any Waste

MyCrobz can quickly ferment any food waste and recycle it into nutrient rich soil. Not only that; they can be used to process manure, sewage, waste water and industrial waste – efficiently – and without odours.

Consume Odours or Smoke

Dilute with fresh water and apply as a mist, and our MyCrobz immediately surround and consume any natural smell or smoke – completely neutralizing the area in seconds.

Fertilizer Factory

When added to soil  – our MyCrobz work together to quickly convert any organic matter (manure, crop residues, weeds, dead roots etc) into plant soluble nutrients – foregoing the need for nasty and expensive chemical fertilizers.

Heavy Duty Cleaner

Spray MyCrobz on any mess, wait a second or two, and simply rub off with a damp cloth. For tougher jobs like grease or cooked on foods; let it sit for a minute, rub off, and repeat if necessary.  They work on any surface, but should be wiped quickly from wood finished with natural dyes or oils.

Eliminate VOCs

Whether it is the smell of new carpeting, upholstery, or paint – our MyCrobz actually consume the offensive (and harmful) VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) leaving the area neutralized and safe. Follow up applications may be necessary.

Aid Digestion and Health

Use our MyCrobz as a probiotic food and water supplement for pets, livestock, and even yourself.  They can also be used to safely control problems such as fleas, mites, lice, and dandruff.

Plant Protector

When used as a weekly foliar spray on plants (indoor or outdoor), shrubs, trees, or grass – MyCrobz boost the immune system of the plant and protect it from outbreaks of pests or disease.

Restore Health to Water

From ponds to lakes and aquariums to commercial fish tanks – MyCrobz can be used to restore a natural balance. They consume the excess nutrients found in these environments and convert them to soluble nutrients which raises oxygen levels and controls algae.

Green Construction

Besides eliminating VOCs from paint, compounds, carpet and upholstery; MyCrobz can also: help maintain the health of heating and ventilation systems, protect against rust, strengthen and extend the life of concrete – and even be used to process various construction wastes.